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Our Burmese Days

Variety, New York/Los Angeles
An examination of biculturalism wrapped in an extraordinary personal odyssey, "Our Burmese Days" is also a fascinating de facto glimpse of a country that’s rarely covered in the media today.

Süddeutsche Zeitung
A marvellous tale of remembrance in a country hell-bent on forgetting.

Moving Pictures Berlinale
Set against the almost psychedelic Burmese landscape, Merrison offers a double-edge look at the power of culture and the force of assimilation.

Sydney Morning Herald
Of the documentaries, the real find has been Lindsey Merrison’s "Our Burmese Days" ... an unusually compassionate and perceptive piece of work.

Die Tageszeitung, Berlin
Merrison’s mother is a figure straight off the pages of Orwell’s book ... she triumphantly embodies both sides of the colonial heritage.

Skrien Magazine, Amsterdam
A most incisive, telling riposte to the current documentary fashion for endless personal soulsearching.

L.A. Weekly
The pressure filmmaker Lindsey Merrison places on her mother as they travel to Burma and probe their family’s past creates a powerful thread of suspense in this exquisite documentary.

Bob Sechler, California
»Your insightful cinematography, and editing of it into a low key drama, make for a really outstanding work. Of course, what held my attention was the main theme, which you present with such insistent honesty. Getting your mother, your uncle, and the other players to spill so much of their souls as they did really touched my heart, and must surely have put your emotions through the wringer more than once. ... Let me commend you, and I cannot do so enough, for one of the most deeply satisfying films I have ever seen.«